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Terms of individual orders

                                      INDIVIDUAL ORDERS’ PROCEDURES

The procedures are connected with the individual orders which can be sent by products’  deliveries to the V-Kei shop.
Forming an individual order means a total acceptance of the following procedures.
An individual  order is a customer’s order for goods which are not available in the shop’s assortment  at the moment, but which can be delivered on a special customer’s request from the shop’s supplier.

                                               PRODUCTS’ AVAILABILITY

A customer giving an individual order can choose from products specified in a special assortment’s category: “Individual orders” from a wide producer’s/deliverer’s assortment in different amount and at prices précised on this internet page.
The V-Kei shop informs that the order will be fulfilled if the product is available at producer’s or deliverer’s place. The V-Kei shop is not able to monitor our deliverers’ stock states and update all the data seen on internet page immediately. In case of  ordered product’s lack, the order will be cancelled and the money returned to customer.

                                                         ORDERS PAYMENT

An individual order creates obligation of payment in advance on the Visual Kei bank account. The payment may reach the full or 50% price of the order. This is a warranty for us that the delivered product will find an owner. An order confirmation including all the payment’s details’ information will be sent by the V-Kei shop.
The order’s date made by the shop (it is given in the middle of main page), which is also the beginning moment of fulfilling the order is the final moment of payments in advance. That means that the payment for ordered goods should appear on shop’s bank account till 6 p.m. mentioned day.
Orders for which the shop will not receive mentioned payment or the payment will appear after the final date will not be fulfilled. Payment finalized after the final date will be returned during 3 working days after receiving using banking transfer on a bank account pointed by customer.
In the case of resignation from purchase during order’s fulfilling (after an order made by the shop), the shop will not return the payments in advance.
In case of ordered product’s lack , payments in advance will be returned during 3 working days starting from the day when the shop receives information about  an ordered product’s lack or when the delivery comes, which is the last possible day. The payment will be transferred on a pointed bank account.
The remaining part of payment for ordered goods should be paid on shop’s account pointed in the order’s confirmation after the delivery.
We inform our client about the ordered products’ delivery during 2 working days starting from the moment of the delivery using a convenient communication method( phone, email). We will ask for remaining part of payment on shop’s account. We send the ordered products during 1 working day after receiving the payment.
The post fee depends on the package  and order’s value kind and it should be additionally calculated to the order’s price. We send the orders using Poczta Polska or supplying company’s DPD services. Full description of sending methods can be found in “Costs and sending ways” part.

                                            THE ORDERS’ FULFILLENT TIME

The individual orders’ fulfillment period is 6 to 8 weeks. This time includes order and payment by the shop, transport to Poland, receiving appropriate legal import permissions, customs duties’ activities and consignment to a client.
In case of not complying the 6/8 weeks term (depending on the deliverer’s country) a client has a right to ask for  cancelling the order and payment’s return. The money will be returned during 3 working days time starting from the day of client’s request by  transfer on pointed bank account.

                             A WAY OF MAKING AND UPDATING AN ORDER

It is possible to make an order by logging on a personal account, by sending an email ( the address is: sklep@v-kei.pl) or by phone.
Following information should be given in an order application:
customer’s  name and surname
Full data needed for delivery (recipient’s name and surname, when is different from the ordering customer’s and detailed address with the post code)
Full name and quantity of  ordered product
Size, colour and additional features connected with ordered product
Contact number ( mobile is preferred)
2 In case of intention of changing the order or resignation from it, we ask for sending a notice for address: sklep@v-kei.pl
To change or cancel an order the informing message has to reach our electronic mail by 6 p.m. the day we order products at our supplier’s. After that all orders will be fulfilled without resignation possibility.

                                              COMPLAINMENTS AND RETURNS

It is not possible to return or change products bought using an individual order. These products are delivered from abroad additionally to regular orders on special client’s request. These products would not be offered in standard shop’s assortment. According to legal regulations “About some consumer rights’ protection and responsibility for harm caused by a dangerous product” 10 days’ right to turn back the product purchased from distance is not in force when the resignation is connected with the customer. Mentioned products are those specially ordered.

The individual order is connected with a kind of risk, that is why we ask for a deeply analysed  order and purchase.