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Returns & Complaintes


Each of our customers have the right to return / exchange the goods during 10 days from delivery date.

Returns are considered only when products are unused! The product has to be in original package and unimpaired!

If we sent you a wrong product (not the one you bought) or when the product is shabby or damaged, the return / exchange is AT OUR OWN EXPENSE.

When the size of our goods is too small or too big, you can exchange it for a proper one (if a required size is available). But it is still AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE.

If you receive your order and it doesn't fulfill your expectations you can return the order AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE

Every customer who wants to return / exchange any of our goods shall contact VIA E-MAIL: sklep@v-kei.pl !!!


The basis of acceptance of return/exchange is a bill or invoice.

To quickly review your REFUND please:

  • fill out a form of return (necessary information), for download here - CLICK;

  • return goods to:

    Visual Kei

    Violetta Ziarkowska, 4

    Dobra Str. 3

    44-240 Zory, Poland;

  • goods to be returned must be accompanied with a bill or an invoice.

Following the adoption of returning goods (information on adoption of return will be sent by e-mail) the money'll be returned within 7 working days. The money will be forwarded to:

  • the bank account whose number shall be given in form of return,

  • money order, if you chose that option or if a bank account is not given (subtracted from the amount refunded the cost of postal order, minimum 1,50 ).

    Goods whose return / complaint will not be recognized (fe: sent after the deadline, with no bill or a letter of complaint, dirty or damaged) will be returned at customer expense.

    In the case of returning goods in damaged manufacturer's original packaging or lack of it - the value of the returned product will be reduced by 10%.


  • If there is any mistake when packing, or defective merchandise from the factory - please contact with us at email address: sklep@v-kei.pl. In the mail enter your order number and describe the problem.

  • If the complaint relates to damaged goods, or manufacturing defect - you can send us on an e-mail: photos with damaged goods – it help us to resolve the matter. Complaints consider up to 24 hours. After investigating the complaint you will get an email with further instructions for return or exchange.

  • However, note that goods can't be with any traces of use, or be otherwise destroyed or used.